Presenting a New Arth for Humans Transformation



Omni Council Victim Registry
Innocent Victim of Crime & Wrongdoing


Victims in Crisis

Food – Water – Shelter

Victims Needing Protection Victims needing Justice

Crisis Extrication

Critical  Abuse

War Victims in Crisis Victims  Needing  Sanctuary




For Urgent Workshops undertaking  
Free Energy & Power  – Global Healing –  Omni Mentorship Devotion  -
Sek Elvenesce Supre Natural Communities Setting Up


Urgent Workshop Involvement Registry

Free Energy Workshop

Omni Holistic Power
Global Healing Workshop


Omni Mentorship Devotion


Sek Elvenesce

Supre Natural Communities


Trialing Registry

Incurable Disease Curing Mental Illness Curing Onder Amar Immersion Omni Holistic Energy


Philanthropy Registry

  Time    Funding Buildings    Land    Presence Loving Sanctuary for
an abused child


Sek Elvenesce Recipient Registry

Sek Elvenesce Supre Natural, Absolute Elemental Guided Communities
Recipient Registry - Single, Family or Group


Omni Council Breaking News


Elemental Disclosures

Earth Changes

Global  Healing

Absolute Healing

New Arth Presentations

Omni Council - Representations and Service
Elemental & EnT Omni Council  
Onder Amar – Unity Love Transformation Experience
Onder Amar Transcendence Academy
Absolute Healing - Consciousness & Transformation
Omni Stewardship - Initiating Seals & Sanctions



New truths will impact relationships, parenting, education, diet, nutrition, sciences,
medicine, healing, medical practises, agriculture, farming, politics, governments, politics, religion,
royalty, elitism, beliefs, commerce, manufacturing, energy, power, intellect, wisdom, death,

immortality, and one's place in the multi-dimensional worlds and cosmos.





New Arth Presentations
By Aurora – the first Onder Amar graduate

New Arth

Absolute Healing -  Global Healing & Humanitarianism –

Sek Elvenesce Communitys Earth Shift –New Arth -  

New Golden Age Transcendence

Request for New Arth Presentation  

6 or more persons


New Arth Public Workshop Seminars

Global Healing & Humanitarian Responsibility Workshop

Responsibility that can only be  dealt with  through Omni Council  Truths of healing and opportunities for healing and humanitarian deliverance

Elementalism Education & Omni Science of All That Is Experience Workshop

Adults, children, elderly,  sick and infirm, veterans, mentally ill, detained/imprisoned.

Elemental Holism and Supre Naturalism

Education Orienteering

NAPP Embrionic Preparation Planning


Awakening,  Elemental & EnT Mentorship, Omni Council Representation Involvement.


New Arth Web Conferences & Workshops
Invitation to Governments and People with Influence

Earths New Arth Implementation Workshop

. Global Healing

.  World Humanitarianism

. Harm Profiling

. NAPP Implementation Profiling

. Sek Elvenesce Initiation Profiling

Absolute Healing Workshop

Healing DNA Disintegration, Mental Contusion, Global Insanity,

New Human Blueprint  


World Elementalism Orienteering & Education Transition  

Unity Love in Action

Schools, detention centres, prisons, aged care

Education Orienteering

Funding Orienteering

NAPP  Taskforcing Workshop

Earths Shift Protocols

Nibiru Inclusion Protocols

Arth Law

Sek Elvenesce Community Globalization

World Funding Obligation

Military Peacekeepers Transition


New Arth World Governments Convention
A 3 day Colloquium to address new information to radically change responsibilities and obligations of the elite.

World Governments

New Arth Implementation

Global Abundance

Global  Healing & Humanitarianism Platforms

Sek Elvenesce Construction

NAPP Taskforcing Funding

Government Services & Payments

Absolute Healing


*New physiology/psychology

*New Blueprint – new brain  

*New future for Holistic Healing.

Eradicating immunization & surgery

Elementals & EnTs – The Unknown Quanta made Known

New Sciences -  a New Golden Age

World Elementalism Education

Implementing Elementalism Education Transition – teaching and learning in Harmonious Joy


New Golden Age World Summit Conference

New Arth – A New Harmonic Existence

World Elementalism

World Harmlessness

World Humanitarianism

New Sciences

New Energy Sources

Absolute Healing

Absolute Beingness

Global Consciousness

Universal  Stewardship

Sek Elvenesce – Omni Community

NAPP – New Arth Preparation Plan

Preparing  for a Holocaustical Planetary Shift of Extraordinary Magnitude will need an equal  magnitude from those with wealth, position, expertise, resources

Elemental & EnT Omni Council Governance

The changes for Evolution cannot happen any other  way

For the  transition to

World Elementalism

And Transcendence

.  Earth-Nibiru Relations Position Paper
. First Fleet Contact
. Earth Nibiru Multi Nations Alliance -  Heads of Nations  Summit Meeting
. Andromedan Language
. First Fleet Arrival
. Nibiru-NAPP inclusion
. Nibiruan Evacuee  Relocation


Omni Council Elementalism for the emergence of a new human, to transform all life in the 3rd dimension




Omni Council Representation Platforms

Absolute Service Total  Reporting Complete Participation Unmitigated Representation


Unity Love is the natural way of Elemental Guidance and Love to focus conduits in bringing forth a harmonized creation of unity, and Onder Amar.




Stewarding a Global Human Unity Operation to Initiate Unity Love
Onder Amar Transformational Healing & Humanitarian Guild

A full mentorship to set up and run any unit of the Onder Amar ational Healing & Humanitarian Guild.
No experience necessary - Just a desire to be in Service, and an extremely close Elemental & EnT relationship



Onder Amar Transformational Healing & Humanitarian Units
Free, funded, Service Units – all mentored, nurtured, supervised entirely by Elemental Guidance- for awakening, healing,
communing conduitism experience excitement, for a quicker start to a wondrous and joyful new Service & Stewardship journey with Us

Onder Amar Healing & Wellbeing Centre
. Meet Your Creator
Comnahm Schem
Communing with Elementals & EnTs
. Elemental & EnT Guide
.Free Diagnosis Service
.Free Treatment Profile
.Free Treatments
. Sharing the methods & tools for a new Self Care
. Teaching the basics of Onder Amar Immersion

Sek Elvenesce Community Centre

. Onder Amar Healing & Wellbeing Center 

. Treatment processing

. Trialing Mental Illness Healing  

. Trialing Incurable Disease Healing

. Omni Science Profiling

. NAPP Network

. Omni Holistic Agronomy

. Trialing New Energy Production

Onder Amar Veg Box
.Specialized food for the New Blueprint
.Free Neutricetical Food for the needy, homeless & aged.
.Circulating Onder Amar Healing
.Assisted Involvement


Omni Council
Youth JabbaKa

. Sek Elvenesce Community Centre
With emphasis on Creativity – music -  singing – dancing.


Onder Amar
EnT Haven

. Onder Amar Healing & Wellbeing Centre
. Onder Amar Immersion & Purification Intensive
. Trialing Mental Illness Healing
. Trialing  Incurable Disease Healing
. Therapy Emphasis



Elementalism Immersion is accepting and allowing the discipline involved in having a Daily Messaging Practise,
using all the tools, all the Communing methods, and doing all the actions required.  An acceleration
of consciousness, healing and spiritual growth will occur, facilitating a new Path of Joy and Harmonic Beingness,
a new intellect and New Blueprint for Transformation and Transcendence.



Academy Workshop Sessions

Work,  Study & Action Sessions

Mentorship Regime


Communing Paradigms

Profiling Practique

Karma Clearing

Service & Stewardship

Operations & Networks

Blog Servicing

Karma & Consciousness Profiling

There is no consciousness without karma clearing

Karma, attitude, psychological ugliness


New action – new behaviour – consciousness action

Direction and facilitation

Diagnosis & Treatment Profiling

. Elemental in depth diagnosing

. Treatment Profiling consolidation

Procuring, processing

and follow up.

. Diet Defining

Omni Sciences
Profiling & Experience










Crop Circle Profiling

Mentorship Regime

Connection to the Elemental

Circle Makers

New Techniques Experience

Omni Visionary Skills

Omni Drawing Skills

Omni Observance Skills

Omni Crop Circle Drawing

Service Action Profiling

Active Involvement & Participation Experience

Diagnosis & Treatment Service

Omni Council Blogs Service

Onder Amar Healing & Humanitarian Guild

Omni Council Counseling Workshops

Comnahm Schem

HelmsPeople Forum Participation

Stewardship of All Life Profiling

. Omni Council Representation

.  Sek Elvenesce Involvement

. NAPP Presentation Experience

. NAPP Official Steward


. League of Planets Stewardship

. Confederacy of Sols Alliance


. Planetary & Species Transcendence Stewardship

. Stewardship of Nature Realms Transformation


Onder Amar Personal Attendance Intensives

Onder Amar Sacred Purification Intensive

Purification of ugly disposition and mental contusion

For an accelerated mastery in Communing,  Absolute  Conduitism and Consciousness

Onder Amar Immersion Intensive

Onder Amar Sacred Purification

Omni Council l Collective  Representation Immersion

NAPP Immersion


Being nurtured and mentored to higher states of Being that will change perceptions,
attitudes and behaviour, in turn facilitating transformation of the brain and physiology
and transcendence of the physical and non-physical realms, for all species.





Healing Sessions

Mental Healing

New Harmonic saturation to induce brain production of harmonized substances.

New feelings, perceptions  thoughtforms,  attitudes, abilities, behaviours

Karma & Consciousness Profiling

New clearing techniques removing  ugly personality characteristics to enable Consciousness embodiment

Diagnostic  Profiling

A New Accurate Diagnosing technique from the Elementals, that includes the diagnosing of associated dysfunctions.

Treatment Procuring, Processing Profiling

A fascinating journey of brand new information by Elementals  that will open all to a new world, of plants and trees and the healing effect on the human.




Mentored Stewardship is the way to facilitate harmonic changes in the Natural World, and the reformation of the Supre Natural World,
ethereal realms – which step down into physical reality as wholeness and completeness – a healing of great magnitude.






No finer gift of one's life than to give Service to All Life




Omni Council News Agencies for News Reporting Service

Omni Council Media NAPP Media Org Argen’Arth News Report Nibiru Report


Interactive Omni Service Blogs

Warning & Danger

. Natural Disaster Alert &  Management

.Manmade Disaster Alert & Solutions

Enviro Epsilom

Land, Seed, Water,

Environment Analysis

Update & Solutions

Crime & Wrongdoing

Resolution &

Restitution Healing





Nibiru Report




Omni Data

. Omni Council

. Omni Encyclopaedia

. Argen’Arth

. Onder Amar